SAN DIEGO S.T.O.R.M. -(San Diego Standing Together Organizing a Revolutionary Movement)

is calling to action all citizens in San Diego County and across California, we are organizing a statewide grassroots action to continue the efforts of civic responsibility with an URGENT upcoming opportunity for YOU to GET INVOVLED:   


1.      Show up to join us, other citizens and business owners to the board of supervisors meetings at the County Administration Center: 1600 Pacific Highway San Diego. (If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can also call in to voice your concerns)   


To call in click on the link below and fill out the tele-comments form before the meeting.  

Board of Supervisors Meeting Agendas (sandiegocounty.gov)


TWO OF THE MOST PRESSING ISSUES we are currently facing in San Diego County and across California:   


1.     San Diego County residents and residents across California believe there is a planned systemic attempt to force residents to get the Covid-19 inoculation through Assembly Bill 262, Assembly Bill 389, Assembly Bill 988, and CMS-9115-F Final Rule which could force detainment, isolation, quarantine and/or criminal charges if you refuse to comply.    


The following information is A LOT. It’s dense, its triggering, it’s hard to conceive there is this much malevolence in the world. Many people have never heard of these laws or how they could be used against those who are choosing not to participate in the Covid-19 inoculation. Here are the highlights:   


-       Currently, the idea that unvaccinated individuals are putting others at risk is creating a tense and divisive environment within our community that primes the narrative that if an individual has not received the Covid-19 inoculation, they can be deemed a “public health threat” and could be subject to detainment, isolation, quarantine, criminal charges, and/or forced inoculation utilizing the following pre-existing laws:   


-       AB262 amends the existing CA Health & Safety Code 120175.5 and gives each county health officer extremely broad powers with full discretion and control to issue orders to other governmental entities and to determine what, or who, is considered to “threaten the public’s health” and to take necessary action to control the spread of communicable disease using your tax-payer money. In essence, this law (in partnership with the others listed below) could be used to forcibly remove you from your home and detain you for quarantine. These serious constitutional infringements should be a concern to everyone regardless of your personal choice to vaccinate or not.    


-       AB389 authorizes a fire protection district to enter written subcontract with a private ambulance service that can be utilized to execute the transportation of individuals who have been determined to be a public health threat. The funding for this service is being presented as fire protection and mental health resources, and while this may have some merit, it’s broad language can also be interpreted to support the concerns listed above. The budgets, which have been deliberated by the board of supervisors for the past two weeks, are being approved at the BOS meeting on Tuesday June 29th and include substantial funding for this bill.   


-       The patient access and interoperability CMS-9115-F Final Rule allows hospitals, counties and physicians to provide the government with patient’s medical information; including but not limited to patient’s physical address, medical notes and most concerning, immunization records. These private and protected medical records are the key to central agencies determining an individuals’ inoculation status and is the foundation for deciding who can be deemed a public health threat.     


We believe Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Child Protective Services (CPS), Medi-Cal, doctors, FEMA, and other entities are being weaponized against residents who have not received the Covid-19 inoculation. While these are not the stated intentions of these bills, they can easily be manipulated and used against the citizens of San Diego County.    


We’ve asked the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and numerous other county board of supervisors across California, to guarantee these laws would not be used in such a way, without any success or promise of such. The voices of the many hold more weight and we need the support of our community to demand a resolution to clarify these concerning laws and ensure they will not be used against you, any other citizen or business.    


2.     Cal-OSHA’s new guidelines are infringing on individual’s rights and coercing employers into compliance. They are putting businesses (and employees) into a very difficult situation. Business owners must choose between protecting themselves and protecting their employees.    


Employees of California are protected by law from being discriminated against or having to disclose private and protected medical information. California Civil Code 51 (UNRUH Act) and Cal-Gina (Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act) protect an individual’s private medical and genetic information from discriminatory practices and unlawful disclosure requests.    


The government knows they cannot put this into law or make people comply, so they are coercing businesses into enforcement positions which they are legally unqualified to do. This is putting business owners in a position where they could be held legally liable by their employees for discrimination based on medical information and other civil rights issues. Business owners are already being sued for these types of infringements.   


This is a statewide issue, and one that will be fought in the court, but our county board of supervisors has the authority to take immediate action to prohibit businesses from requiring protected medical information from employees. We need to put pressure on the BOS to demand they pass a resolution prohibiting all entities from requiring verification of inoculation status.    


If you, or someone you know is facing these challenges, we invite you to join us  at the board of supervisor meetings at the County administration Building on the 3rd floor. We are stronger as a community and we NEED citizens who are willing to STAND UP and TAKE ACTION. The vitality of our future depends on our actions today. Let’s stand up together.  

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