It's time you stand up against tyranny and control...


Santa Clara County passed a new executive order requiring all businesses to collect and track employee protected medical information to impose strict rules on unvaccinated employees. Allegedly, the new health order was imposed due to federal guidance on masking from the CDC stating, "Everyone knows everyone else's vaccination status." The state of CA adopted these CDC guidelines on June 15th, when the state dropped most pandemic restrictions yet it came with a price... invasion of our privacy.


Employers are to ask their employees' every two weeks if they received the COVID shot and employers are  to track the response. Unvaccinated employees are being told to follow different guidelines than vaccinated employees. This is blantant segregation and discrimination. State and local government are essentially coercing you to believe this is law! Per Santa Clara County executive Order; Violation of or failure to comply with this order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. Employers can be thrown in jail for not harrassing their contractors, employees and vendors about "vaccination status". Employers can also be sued civily for this same mandate activity. Seems like quite the rock and the hard place for any business. We believe an executive order exactly like Santa Clara County is imposing will be implemented state wide and we must not allow this in any county.


Please stand up for your freedoms by attending your next local County Board of Supervisor's meeting. Please come with your employees, family, friends and neighbors to fill the board room while together we address our elected officials demanding they protect our civil rights. 


We are partnering with all counties across California to stand together and fight for our freedoms. Get involved in your local community to make a difference! Grow your network of likeminded individuals to BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!

We are partnering with ALL counties across California to stand together and fight for our freedoms!!


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